Who Else Is Still Aching After

A Recent Car Accident?




Dear Friend:

If you have been recently injured in a car accident, you are probably confused and worried about what to do next.

I bet you are asking yourself questions like the following:

· Will my car be repaired?


· Will my medical bills be paid?


· Will I be paid for the time I’m missing from work?


· What do I do if the other person doesn’t have insurance?


· What will the insurance company offer me for my injuries?

If you or someone you care about has any of these concerns, please keep reading this special report. My name is Dr. Alex Birren, and I’ve been helping injured people get relief from auto accident injuries in Corona, CA.


Unfortunately, I see too many people misinformed about their rights after being injured. I have seen honest, hard working, unsuspecting people being taken advantage of by uncaring insurance companies. I have heard way too many horror stories of injured people losing what they rightfully deserve because a big insurance company intimidated them or a lawyer who didn’t know any better “sold” them an unfair settlement.


These days, doing nothing at all is one of the worst things you can do. It’s hard enough to make ends meet these days and getting injured in a car accident shouldn’t have to make matters worse.

Could This Be Happening To You?

Let me share with you a real life example of a person I recently helped after their car accident. To protect their privacy, I’m not using their last name.


Gail is a nice hard-working lady, who through no fault of her own, was involved in a car accident. Gail injured her neck (a whiplash injury) in the accident and went to see her family doctor that prescribed some medication and told her that her pain would go away in time.


Unfortunately, Gail’s pain did not go away. And she did not know what to do about medical treatment. Also, she was under pressure from the insurance adjuster who kept calling her trying to force her into a quick settlement that didn’t even pay for her medical bills!


Gail, didn’t know what to do. She felt as though she had no choice but to settle her case.


I sat down with Gail in my office and quickly learned that she made a number of critical mistakes. First, she did not seek the services of a doctor who specializes in treating auto injuries. Second, she tried to negotiate with the insurance company while she was still in pain from her injuries.


The first thing I did was suggest that Gail see me for her injuries. As it turned out, Gail had a serious injury to her neck, one, which was eventually diagnosed as permanent. And it could probably lead to future arthritis. So, instead of settling under pressure…Gail was awarded ALL her medical expenses, plus future care in an attempt to prevent future arthritis!

No Miracles…Just Hard Work

Of course, I cannot work any special miracles on the cases I handle. But I do the hard work that I’m supposed to do that is necessary to help my patients. And this also includes helping them find a good lawyer, if necessary.


The tragedy is that there are many people out there just like you and your family members, friends, and co-workers who are taken advantage of after their car accident. Did you know that you are entitled to reasonable and necessary medical treatment, and any future medical treatment due to your injury?

Where Do We Go From Here?

Sadly, many people wait so long to go to a doctor, or go to the wrong kind of doctor, that they seriously impair their ability to get necessary care.


You must obtain proper medical treatment for your injuries as soon as possible. Every day you delay will cost you. In your health, and in settling your case. Don’t fall into this trap…


“If you are not seeing a doctor, no matter how much pain you have,the insurance company will argue that they owe you nothing!”


What Kind Of Doctor Should You See?

You might be surprised, but often times seeing your family doctor, or HMO doctor, is wrong medically and legally. These doctors are used to dealing with colds, flu, fevers, stomach problems, and infections.


They are NOT experienced in treating auto accident injuries and they are often unsympathetic to accident victims.


It’s common for some of these doctors to simply tell you to take an aspirin and wait for the pain to go away. Advice like that will not heal your injuries and it may devastate your case.


I encourage you to immediately seek the help of a doctor experienced and skilled in treating auto accident injuries. This includes chiropractors. I don’t recommend seeking a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon unless you require surgery.


These specialists only want to see you if you require a surgical procedure and will often be quick to “show you the door” if your pain is not surgically correctable.

And Here’s Some More Great News! “A 1992 policy statement from the American Medical Association permits physicians to work with chiropractors — and physicians believe that chiropractic treatment offers a clear benefit headache pain. Although chiropractors use many standard medical procedures, they don’t prescribe drugs or perform surgery.”


If You Are A Victim Of A Recent Auto Accident…

It’s Time To Call My Office

My name is Dr. Alex Birren. I’ve been treating car accident victims for over 9 years now. My office is located at 90 West Grand #103 in Corona, California. We are just off the 91, between Main Street and The Grand Ave. freeway on ramp. My office is probably just down the street or on your way home.


I have the friendliest staff you will ever meet and we are all trained in handling the often-confusing paperwork and forms that need to be filled out.


Now I’ll share with you some common questions and answers regarding your pain...


Q: “I’ve Been To The Hospital And To My Medical Doctor.

Do I Really Need To See Dr. Birren?”


A: You need to see Dr. Birren because he specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of auto accident injuries. Medical doctors will only give you pain pills or muscle relaxors.


Note: If your medical doctor has given you pain pills or muscle relaxers, you must understand that these pills cannot and do not correct structural or soft-tissue damage. There are special therapies designed for this, and we offer these at my office.


Q: “Does Your Treatment For Car Accident Injuries Hurt?”


A: Treatment at my office is very gentle and quite soothing. Most patients can hardly wait to get their care!


Q: “Is The Treatment Safe?”


A: Yes, particularly when compared to the side-effects from all medication.


Q: “Why Should I Choose Dr. Birren’s Office?”


A: You’ll have several benefits by choosing my office. My staff and I will help you with all your treatment and paperwork, and they can refer you to other specialists if you need further evaluation for your headache pain. However, the main reason to choose Dr. Birren is because he has developed “The Whiplash Relief Program”.

“The Rapid Whiplash Relief Program”

(Is Designed For Your Recent Auto Injuries!)


I’m offering a unique treatment program that’s been designed especially for auto accident victims who have never been to my office (or to anyone who has not been in to see me for a long time).

“The Rapid Whiplash Relief Program”

Is A Four-Step Program


1. Pain Pinpointing & Examination: (This includes a painless examination and any necessary x-rays)


2. “Get Well Now” Process: (This includes treatment to get you out of pain quickly)


3. Rebuilding Yourself System: (This includes treatment to attempt to correct your health problem)


4. Stay Well In The Future Plan: (This includes periodic future care to maintain your progress)

Now Offered For The First Time Ever...

An “Iron-Clad” Satisfaction Guarantee!

Also, I want you to instantly realize how much your life can be improved with treatment at my office.

Therefore, your first office visit is:


“At the conclusion of your first treatment, if you honestly think I’ve wasted your time, or you sincerely believe that you will not benefit from my care in any way...all you have to do is say so...and you will NOT be charged for your first visit!”


Imagine Your Future

If You Do This Program

Ok, now imagine how life will be in a few weeks... if you decide to handle your miserable auto injuries right now. Will you do a better job at work? Is there a chance you could be pain-free, and a fun person to be around at home? And will you have more fun doing your hobbies?

Call Today For Your

FREE Auto Injury Evaluation

It’s easy to make your first appointment with me. All you have to do is call my office today at (951) 549-6808 and schedule a FREE consultation for “The Whiplash Relief Program”.


We’ll do every thing possible to get you in the same day...even if we have to work you in during a busy time!


We pride ourselves in being this area’s only “no waiting” office -- for busy people who have to get back to their normal life...rapidly!

We’re open until 7:00 in the evening...Call (951) 549-6808 today!

My staff and I would love to work with you. All you have to do is call my office right now and Jessica will schedule a time that’s convenient for you!


You’re too young to suffer with terrible auto accident injuries. Let’s handle them today.


Ok,here's what to do right now (your checklist)


____ 1) Call Jessica at (951) 549-6808 to schedule your "FREE Auto Injury Severity Evaluation".


____ 2) Click this link here: "New Patient Forms" to download and print your New Patient Forms. You can complete these forms at home before your first visit to our office.


____ 3) Bring your completed New Patient Forms with You on your first visit to our office.



The FREE "Auto Injury Evaluation" offer expires at noon this Saturday.




Thank you for reading this special report.